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Swift punch in the flabby area between a womans gut and cunt.
After Cody gave Jamie a cream pie he gave her a gunt punch.
by Newoikkin July 26, 2004
City punks who dont wash and often smell really really bad.
That stinky dude at the theater was a real crust kid.
Smells like god.
by Newoikkin July 26, 2004
A person who only gives advice to another while blacked out drunk.
Cody: What should I do about her?
Jon the drunk: Kill her man. Kill her.
Cody: Your such a great therapissed Jon
Jon the drunk: Cheers to beers!
by Newoikkin July 26, 2004
Northern Saskatchewan term for dirty. Best used on kids who tend not to shower.
crust kid
Chalsie is a rossey whore.
What a ross-child.
Just real ross you are.
by Newoikkin July 26, 2004
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