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A defensive tactic that can be employed in an intoxicated streetfight against multiple sober opponents. Your belt is removed and thrown away, and your pants are dropped completely to your ankles. You then waddle up to the fight like a penguin with fists raised in "fighting irish" position. No one wants to fight a drunk naked man, and a slow getaway follows.
Dude, how did we not get our asses kicked by those bouncers last night? Well we were outnumbered, but Connors pulled the ol' B-man shuffle and got us out alive.
by Newfie Francis February 11, 2008
The act of shitting yourself whilst kneeling on all fours, with your head in the toilet puking due to severe intoxication.
Mike got so drunk Friday night that he threw up in the cab, then pulled a Murph in Shannon's apartment. How he drove home the next morning with those pants on I'll never know.
by Newfie Francis February 11, 2008
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