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8 definitions by Newclear

A bad-ass individual from isohunt forums. He's so helpful to others all the time . He lives near the mountains and he's the icon of wisdom. A pure form of awesomeness.
Stranger: Shit, I'm drowning!!

You: Don't worry mate; som ace will come and save you or he might send his badass boat. Relax..
by Newclear February 09, 2012
The pseudonym for the lead singer from the Black Eyed Peas. He is a music producer known for copying (not even re-sampling, literally copying) legendary music that isn't his, and tarnishes it by slapping tacky vocals and untalented beeps and boops all over, then claiming it as his own. A total sellout that sucks so much as a producer, he can't even come up with his own stuff.
Fun Fact: Will.i.am copied "Arty & Mat Zo - Rebound" with his new song "Lets Go" featuring Chris Brown with no permission from the original owners whatsoever.
by NewClear April 17, 2013
A company or individual who buys or owns copyrights of content with the sole purpose of making money by suing people for infringement. Often done with content they never even created in the first place.
A copyright troll sued Steve for $150,000 because he downloaded their porn.
by NewClear August 24, 2012
Someone who registers the name of a website so it is one letter off or very similar to another, more popular website. The intention of a typosquatter is that the people who mistyped the site they originally tried to visit will be redirected to this other, false site. Almost all the time, these sites have viruses, porn, or try to scam you in some way. A typosquatter is simply making a lame attempt at gaining visitors to their fake, junk website by preying on unfortunate people, whether they have bad spelling or simply mistyped the web address.
Mike is the constant victim of a typosquatter because of his bad spelling. He gets to fake sites by typing things like goofle.com, faceboook.com, and youtibe.com.
by NewClear September 16, 2012
A taxpayer funded college for criminals.
Prison is supposed to punish criminals, but instead it groups them with their own kind and gives them an ideal place where they can all teach each other to be bigger and better criminals.
by NewClear June 09, 2013
A dumb, completely pointless holiday invented by greeting card companies to sell more cards. A concept that hasn't and (hopefully) never will catch on. On this day you're supposed to thank your boss for "being kind and fair" and buy him some stupid card, but really, its just a classic hallmark holiday. Ironically, most people seem to resent their bosses anyway so whats the point?
Joe: I got a card for my boss, because today is Boss's Day!
Mike: What the hell is "Boss's Day"?
Joe: Its a day where we show our appreciation of our boss!
Mike: You're an idiot who blindly follows dumb trends, you know that?
by NewClear October 11, 2012
A place where nobody goes on Friday.
I failed all my classes that were supposed to transfer because I never showed up to the local community college on Friday.
by NewClear October 26, 2013