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A straight male who has a feminine side (especially caring about appearances). It used to be that when a man acted like this, people thought he was homosexual.
I used to find it sad that any man with some nice traits like dressing well or being able to cook was considered homosexual, but now I know he's metrosexual.
by Newbia June 10, 2004
When a person (usually a singer) gets money in a way that takes away there personal intergrity.
Many people called the artist a sellout when she changed her image to something more popular and sexy.
by Newbia May 29, 2004
Very. Used primarily by Californians.
This homework is hella hard!

This car is hella cool, don't you think?
by Newbia May 29, 2004
It means "elite" as in "elite speak" (sometimes called hacker) which is this odd language net people speak where they replace letters with numbers, impossible to read.

1=l 33=ee 7=t, leet.
what d0 ypou mean that im Hard to understAmnd????? 1337 speakR oXOrz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ olooololo....

(What do you mean that I'm hard to understand? Elite speak rocks!)
by Newbia April 26, 2004
An animated show that was cancelled by FOX and moved to Adult Swim that is for some reason always compared to Family Guy (because they're fighting for time slots on Adult Swim) and The Simpsons (because they were created by the same guy).
Family Guy Is Better. But That's My Opinion.
by Newbia April 28, 2004
A place where unappreciated teacher attempt to teach kids something. Most kids think school is 'pointless' well guess what stupid, if you payed attention you'd know why this was useful. Since you hate school so much why don't you spend all day slaving at a job instead?
Most people who like school are nerds aka smart people.
by Newbia May 05, 2004

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