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The rage building up inside your head when you try to manuever through Canal Street in New York. The mostly-female tourists (including grown women) haggling their purchase of that fake coach bag and gucci sunglasses down to $6 from $15. It's especially aggravating when you are in a rush. Rage builds up to the point where you want to smack people next to you just to make some space around you. Then you quickly realize that it's mostly women and hitting is not an option. But that only makes the chinatown rage worse. In fact, they have many 6-dollar pair of shoes to hit you back with.
Friend 1: Man, you are late and you look so angry.

Friend 2: I have a lot of Chinatown rage in me. Give me a Bud Light.
by New Yorker1985 May 02, 2009

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