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1. a nicer amusing synonym used in place of the word "fuck". Also spelled as "fu-fu". Also see the Italian use of the word "fig".

2. an adjective meaning "strange", "weird" or "crazy".
1. In college I bought a T-shirt from the student Islamic association that protested the ethnic cleansing going on in Bosnia. I wore it at a bash and a guy I thought was my friend and his wife asked why I was wearing that shirt because the genocide victims "weren't Christian". I replied that the first Holocaust took the lives of 6 million Jews (also not Christians) and in addition 5 million people of OTHER categories also were killed. I told them that I don't give a flying foo-foo who the Yugoslavia victims are. I said I don't care if it's Buddhists being exterminated. I don't care if atheists are being slaughtered. I said when a category of people are being raped, forcibly driven out, and penned up in death camps to be offed then the "Christian thing to do" is to raise awareness, protest it and stop it. If we just stand and stare then the next victims could be US.
They just looked at me with a stare like 2 cows watching a passing train.

2. Mojo Nixon, along with Skip Roper sang "I Don't Want No Foo-Foo Haircut on My Head".
by New World Man March 16, 2009
1. Quite possibly the worst and most addictive drug in the universe. The original way to cop it is via hyperdermic needles. Dirty needles can also give you some terrible diseases, including AIDS. It can also be snorted and then there's Mexican tar, which is smoked and can stop your heart in under 30 seconds. Either method can give you a quick "rush" but when it wears off you are really DOWN and you crash real hard.

2. In the 60s the Velvet Underground wrote a song called "Heroin". The pace and tempo of the music speeds up as Lou Reed sings the words describing the rush: smack gets into the veins, I feel like Jesus' son, etc. Then the electric viola puts out a slow drone and Lou stretches out the chorus words to similate the downful drag that comes after the fix wears off. At the last verse the electric guitar and electric viola rev it up in an onslaught and the drummer pounds the skins rapidly to emulate a junkie's pulse while on the fix again. Of course, this rapid increase in music playing, among other aspects of this song) became one of many inspirations for what would later be referred to as punk rock.
1. Richard from Reno, Nevada turned himself for detox treatment in Northern California. His IV use of heroin caused the veins in both his arms to collapse, making them solid purple. They looked like a massive bad tattoo botch job.

2. Heeeehhhh-ro-o-o-innn
It's my life
And it's my wife
It's going to be the death of me!


3. Geoff Tate of Queensryche described the motive behind the writing of "The Needle Lies". He said he never touched that smack but he knew some people who have. He said, "It's shit".

4. One time I was surfing the Net and I came upon a strange website. It detailed about how the Taliban cultivates opium, from which heroin is derived. The pagemaster exhorted junkies to be "patriotic" and quit buying horse from the Afghanistan region and to buy and use Mexican tar heroin only. (!). No shit. I ain't kidding. Can you believe it?!
by New World Man July 23, 2009
a slang abbreviation for the word "fool". May have originated with black people but people of nearly all ethnic groups use it now.
1. Mr. T often says "I pity the fool". The last word in that phrase has often been mistrued as "foo".

2. In my sociology class in college our professor was giving a presentation about the presence of violence in human society. He stated that the family is the 3rd most "violent" institution in society (#1 and #2 being the military and police due to what said occupations may require). He mentioned domestic abuse and soon he drifted direction to the women, talking about date abuse. He said "in a relationship no one should be calling all the shots. If you don't want to do something he shouldn't try to force you to. If he ever beats you THEN THE RELATIONSHIP SHOULD BE OVER. If he does it once he'll do it again. He might say that he can change but he won't. People like that want someone to control and use. YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE IT FROM THE FOO. You deserve better. You need a real man, not some immature foo looking for a punching bag or someone to slap around..."

3. to a certain Bahamian celebrity: are you reading this? We saw that picture and what some foo did to you. Don't be a foo too!
by New World Man March 16, 2009
abbreviation for the Ku Klux Klan, a terrorist organization that is legal here in the USA. They intimidate, harass, beat up, abduct and kill people that they hate: blacks, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, Asiatic Orientals, non-white Caucasians, Native Americans, immigrants, labor union people, "liberals", people who are involved in interracial love and sex affairs (and marriages too), socialists, communists and other so-called "undesirables". They also commit acts of arson and bombings against against specific places like homes and houses of worship. If people in government are so devoted to fighting terrorism, then how about getting rid of DOMESTIC terrorism as well?
It's unbelievable that some lawmakers were defending the burning of crosses in people's yards as a legit exercise of free speech! It's intimidating people, so that makes it an act of terrorism. What more can be said? The KKK and similar groups are violent terrorist organizations. A bunch of douche bags is a bunch of douche bags. Period. If it swims like a duck, quacks like a duck...
by New World Man January 14, 2009
Snoopy is a beagle dog that cartoonist Charles Schwartz features in the most popular comic strip in the world, "Peanuts". Snoopy has also been featured in movies, songs, etc. and is now an American icon. His independent nature has also made him a symbol of the "free spirit" attitude as well as what is good about America and its culture.
1. I've seen "Peanuts" strips in several languages like German, French, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Greek and many more.

2. In college I saw a collection of items used in Roman Catholic parishes thruout the world. One item of note was a hymnal smuggled from communist China, where religious practices of any kind generally aren't allowed. Each page had Chinese musical notation and the lyrics to a song (of course, I couldn't read the words!). At the bottom of each hymn page was a sketched drawing of Snoopy. He was always looking sad, sitting on a swing and crying, or looking out a window, or in some other sad or melancholy state. No doubt this was a relection of the total lack of liberties and freedoms in China today. In this case Snoopy represents joy, cheer, happiness and freedom, and in a totalitarian state there are none of those things.
by New World Man January 19, 2009

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