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One of the richest and most educated states in this country. If you can't drive, then get the Hell out, because most of us don't have that kind of patience. The only place that really "smells", like the stereotypes say, is Newark, personally. Has some of the best and biggest malls around, and is home to Jay and Silent Bob.

If you ask someone from Jersey if they're from "Joisey", you deserve a punch in the face.

See also Awesomeness.
I've been to New York, Pennsylvania, and many states of the South(Currently living in Florida.), and I gotta tell ya... JERSEY KICKS ALL THEIR ASSES!!!
by New Jersey Devil July 28, 2005
The current World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE. He has good in-ring skills, decent mic talent, and has wicked huge muscles. Bound to be a MUCH better champion than Randy Orton.

If anyone thinks his move to Smackdown! will be bad, like I did, just remember: soon he'll beat the ever-loving shit out of JBL, God willing.
Wrestlemania XXI: Defeated Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Backlash: Retained his World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H.
Vengeance: Yet again, retained his World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H in a Hell in the Cell.

Batista's on a roll!!
by New Jersey Devil July 05, 2005
The ONLY reason I bother to watch MTV. Good for someone with a weird and random sense of humor.
I heard Andy Milonakis is actually 28 YEARS OLD!!!
by New Jersey Devil July 19, 2005
See Hell.

Everyone here is either old, retarded, or a redneck(And I had no idea Rednecks lived here until I came, but, lo and behold, here they are.). Hurricanes hit every other day. Old people drive 20 MPH to go play Bingo. It's blazing hot one second, then you get struck by lightning the next. The educational system is by far the worst, and their state-wide test, the FCAT, is easy enough for an autistic person from any other state to pass with flying colors.

Oh, and Jeb Bush is the governor, so of course it sucks.
Jesus H. Christ, why did I move from New Jersey to FLORIDA?!?!
by New Jersey Devil July 28, 2005
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