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a city on south coast Mass where you eat linguica and jag, know to stay away from the Front after dark, head down to the Fort to light up or get laid, know that Guatemalans all live in a van, know that Sassaquin isn't really New Beige, get dressed up to go to the Madeira feast, can prove that the Dartmouth refs get paid off, know that boys do play volleyball, head to Puzzles if you're gay, head to Strand if you're underage, head to Bar 908 if you're a forever resident, and know at least three people who sells drugs
cruisin the ave until 2 on a Friday night, hittin up the 24 hour Dunky's, doin a turnaround at Brooks, and laughin at the imports in the Wendy's parkin lot and at the wall
by New Beige will never change May 02, 2005

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