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a white individual from the southern united states who genrally drinks alot of cheap beer, likes nascar, hunting (or killing random squirrles that cross their path), bush, the confederate flag and big trucks. they usually are very closed minded to anything that their redneck background isnt familiar with including gays, blacks, muslims/jews/athiests, interracial mariage, goths, liberals or any other minority.(yes, sadly liberals are now a minority.) they get their name from their white skin and how they easily burn in the sun when they arent out drinking, making their necks red.
go bush yeah you rock! (typical redneck saying)

what a f**! (typical redneck saying..dont repeat it)

support gay marriages! seriously. (a redneck wouldnt say that..but you should)

that redneck just fucked a transvestite...and liked it! better not tell him though..

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