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A person who abuses the system on Urban Dictionary,by doing any of the following things:

1.Writing definiations for the purpose of causing offence to a person or people

2.People who make up words in five seconds and put them on Urban Dictionary to try and pass it off as common slang

3.People who give definitions on Urban Dictionary the thumbs-down,even though the definition is absoloutely true.
Dude,WTF is up with you?Why'd you give that soad def the thumbs down?Soad DOES stand for System of a Down!Jesus,you're such a UD moron!
by Never-you-mind October 18, 2007
A nickname first given to an Irish teenager due to his fascination with fantasy fiction],science fiction and the cosmos.Only a few know the original MeteorHawk's true name,but several others worldwide are taking on the name as well.
God,Taylor,you're such a fantasy nerd.Who do you think you are,some sort of MeteorHawk?
by Never-you-mind October 18, 2007
Somebody who does something incredibly stupid and is mentally capable of seeing that it is stupid.
Stop giving correct definitions on Urban Dictionary the thumbs down,you fucking idiot!
by never-you-mind November 23, 2007
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