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A feature of the Qwap game, where the attempting Qwapper Qwaps someone who hasn't said "what" by itself or at the end of a sentence.
Person: "What? Nevermind."

FalseQwapper: "Qwap!"

Everyone in attendance: "FalseQwap!"
NOTE: If it is Monday, the FalseQwapper must do 5 pushups.
by Never The Qwappee April 02, 2011
The verbal punishment for saying the word "what" by itself or at the end of a sentence. A game comparable to that of ballgazer and ]The Game] , where the real punishment comes in the feeling of total ownage when caught. On Mondays, qwappage results in 5 pushups, but beware of the FalseQwap .
Qwapper: "Hey Andrew, you'll never guess what I did this weekend!"

Qwappee: "What?"

Qwapper: "Qwap."

Qwappee: *does 5 pushups (but only if its Monday) and feels udderly defeated and demoralized until they qwap someone for themselves*


CleverQwapper: "Hey dude, guess what?"

SmarterQwappee: "Qwap."

CleverQwapper then becomes LoserQwappee and does the pushups if its Monday.
by Never The Qwappee April 02, 2011
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