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When you realize suddenly that you've finished school, and it's time to Choose Your Career, and Support Yourself, and enter the Real World -- NOW -- and you have no eartly idea what to do. It doesn't help that you probably have absolutely no job experience whereas the jobs you see advertised everywhere want at least 3-5 years.

You can buy yourself some time to regroup by getting a McJob.
Oh god what do i do where do i go from here my resume sucks i suck and i don't have any money and if i go to my parents i'm a failure and i need to get out there and find a job but i don't see any that i want or that i think i'll know how to do very well or they won't hire me anyway 'cause i can't prove i'm any good so i think i'll just sit here in my room in the dark and curl up and go to sleep for awhile.......
by Never Knows Best May 11, 2004

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