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a term that derives from forum sites, that is used to single out and berate a racist individual. It in its self can also be considered prejudice to the gay community as well, but this is often debated.
"get off your high horse, your no better than the rest of us racefag.."
by Nev'Hoj April 02, 2009
A person or group of persons whom take great interest in the Japanese language and/or culture of Japan. Often the act is seen as disrespectful to both the primary culture of Japan and the secondary culture for which it is integrated.
"That faninese girl clearly has no respect for Japan or the language she's mocking.."
by Nev'Hoj March 30, 2009
Used as an rude, nasty, and extremely offensive and racist term to describe a person of Caucasian descent. It's literal meaning is an ignorant, low-grade, White person.
"you ain't nothing but a Whock to me.."
by Nev'Hoj April 02, 2009
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