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When one cop car parks next to another, so both drivers side windows are facing each other and the cops talk to each other. Usually seen in parking lots, and is almost related to when, 2 dogs both sniff the others ass at the same time.
Look good friend Mathew, do you see those cops there, its called Cop Sex! DIRTY!
by Nerpo November 22, 2004
A strange sexual act, when a female gets gassy by drinking a large amount of seltzer water, and then has jello injected in her ass, by means of "turkey baster" and then jumps up and down to cause the gas bubbles to come out her butt, causing a jello fart, which is exploded into a partners mouth.
Hey sally, remember that time i farted jello in your mouth, you dont... well, thats called a jello enemy you dumb whore
by Nerpo November 22, 2004

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