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A RWD 6-Speed convertible built by the cool people at Honda, which has awesome performance, is WAY better than a muscle car (muscle cars are still good though), and also makes a reliable drift car, y'know? Personally, drag would kinda seem boring after a while, since you just drive straight, its still a good way to show who's faster, but I like more turns when driving, while still going fast, so there's drifting. Plus, it's got that whole "Azn Eyes" look in its head and tail lights. It's a really Asian-looking car, and it really proves its worth performance-wise, with 240 hp, 9000 rpm, and smooth shifting and handling. and it's lightweight, so you can really beat the crap out of most of the other cars at some events! XP
Honda S2000..? What do you think? Muscle or Sport? Drag or Drift? Strightaways or turns? The battle continues..

P.S. Ricers are awesome.
by Nero-Kun August 04, 2006
Kunero- Filipino slang, kind of, to emphasize coolness.
"Look at this Kunero over here!!"
"You're just jealous, because i'm Kunero, and you aren't.."
by Nero-Kun May 12, 2006

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