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Popular Girls are most of the following:
-Wear Miniskirts

-Shop at A&F and Hollister
-Severe Addiction to Lip Gloss
-Very Prissy
-Have a vocabulary consisting of the words:"omigawd" "likeee" "omg" "totally" "tots" "lol" "wuut" and "kk"
-Don't tell any adults that they're popular girls so they can act all innocent(And because of this,adults think they're perfect little angels....Dumb bitches.)
-Won't wear any clothing under $50(If that low)
I am an Ex-Popular Girl so I tried to give you guys the scoop on what my group,the "A-listers" was like.....
Common A-Listers Conversation-

Selena:Omg guys guess WHAT!!!
Selena:I got these shoes @ the mall and they were,likee,only $900!!!!
Faith:omg THAT CHEAP?!
*Nerd who's been listening to their convo walks up to them*
Nerdy Girl(Brook):Ok...so you bought completely PLAIN black shoes for almost one thousand dollars.....?I mean,they don't have ribbon or lace or....anything really...just plan black shoes!
Selena:Ewww omigawd you peed on yourself!!!!EWWW!!!
Nerdy Girl(Brook):What?No I-
*Selena pours her Non-Fat Ice Mocha on Brook's brand new skinny jeans*
Selena:By the way,you owe me a Non-Fat Ice Mocha,kk?

The A-listers are the popular girls now,but Selena better watch her back...."Nerdy Girl" is gonna be a famous rock star and their gonna have a job scooping her dogs poop.
by Nerdygirl120 August 11, 2011

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