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4 definitions by Nerdlass

1) A Japanese clothing shop, affiliated with ANAP clothing.

2) A blowjob. (Or at least, that's what comes to mind when looking at the ad for the Japanese clothing shop, which shows a girl sucking on a finger and winking.)
Wow, you should have seen that clothing ad for the new shop at SMARK. I think someone must have missed the idea of 'subliminal advertisement' because the model looked like she wanted to smoke a banana cigarette instead of shop at one.
by Nerdlass June 27, 2010
1. Small breasts on women.

2. Man-nipples.
Why's she even bothering buying a bra? She's just got nitties, anyway.

After getting a purple nurple, Bob growled at his friends, "Hey! No twisting the nitties!"
by Nerdlass August 15, 2010
To pepperspray a non-violent protester, especially if done in a casual manner with obvious excessive force.

See recent footage from UC Davis protest. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuWEx6Cfn-I
Group of protesters: SHAME ON YOU!

Observer: Did you see that cop? He totally piked all those people in the sit-in!
by Nerdlass November 20, 2011
An amalgamation of beef and pork, found readily available in Japan, sold as ground meat or niku.
All the ground beef prices were sky-high at Fressay today, so I decided to make my chili with bork, instead.
by Nerdlass June 12, 2010