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Something that almost everyone is because of the stupid standards society expects us to live up to
Insecurity: Insecure about being short and fat because society doesn't accept that
by NerdGirl May 11, 2015
Fat, selfish, immature people who are extremely dumb at math. They never stop talking about money. They also think their own country is the best in the world, which makes some European and Asian people think Americans are seriously retarded but they don't bother to mention it because it's not worth it.
We are Americans, we love wars! We're the bestest!
by Nerdgirl October 07, 2008
A complete slut who thinks the self is all that matters. She frequently try to contact her ex and messes up his current relationship. Can't think of anything other than money, traveling, flirting with guys every single weekend or getting whatever her friends got.
(Looking at a blonde who never stops touching her hair)
UGH what a Jamie...
by Nerdgirl October 07, 2008

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