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Synthetic forms of testosterone, anabolic/androgenic in nature, which, when researched, scrutinized, and applied correctly via the oral, injectable, or transdermal routes in combination with a well-planned and executed diet, consistently intense and strictly methodical gym work, and regular sleep patterns, will, to varying degrees and depending largely upon genetics, produce a physique possessing a state of musculature seldom witnessed outside the realm of hormonal enhancement.
Based upon the extreme and relatively sudden hypertrophy of my girlfriend's trapezius muscle, I'm willing to wager my wife's collection of rare porcelain dolphins that she's secretly undertaken a course of steroids.
by Neralich the ANTI-HERO August 19, 2009
An exceptionally complicated and unapologetically imperfect yet ultimately heroic person who may very well have had to: step on a few toes, slit a few throats, snort a few lines, cause more than one woman to run screaming into the night, experience others questioning the underlying integrity of his actions, wonder about his own sanity, consider pledging allegiance to the other, darker side, etc. The anti-hero recognizes the world for precisely what it is, harbors no illusions as to his place within it, and adjusts his fundamental character accordingly. Lesser individuals often--and perhaps appropriately--label him a volatile outsider, and though his mind and soul are usually tortured, his heart is generally set to the right frequency. Call him a hero who knows better.
ANTI-HERO: "I don't have a cape. I can't fly. And I hold no keys to the city. I drink my breakfast, I prefer prostitutes, and I've never rescued a cat from a tree. But if you need me, if you really, REALLY need and DESERVE my help, I MAY come (NOT swoop down) to save you. Then again, I might just polish off a protein shake, some steroids, and a stale pack of menthols."
by Neralich the ANTI-HERO August 20, 2009
A preternaturally cool alpha male/anti-hero named after the late Tenzing Norgay (a great man), the first person to climb Mt. Everest, the highest moutain in the world. His only weaknesses are Jaeger Bombs, designer steroids, nicotine, exotic women, gummy bears, ridiculously fast cars, ecstasy, and stuffed monkeys.
Tenzing: "After we swallow these anabolics with our licoricey booze, let's smoke some menthols while fornicating with exotic women as we chew gummy bears while driving 150 mph, on mdma, to the stuffed monkey shop. Then let's climb mountains."
by Neralich the ANTI-HERO August 20, 2009
An unusually short and fetching dark-haired young vixen (not unlike a mini Wonder Woman) who possesses an otherworldy/unparalleled gleam within her bright, mischievous, ultimately evil eyes. But her heart is as sparklingly pure and ambitious as it is shaded with desire for the other, darker side, which is unquestionably more than meets the casual eye, which is exceedingly unconventional and certainly tasty, but the sneaky bitch does have quite a tendency to f'n cheat at minature golf. She also has hickeys, adorable teenage-like feet, and a pimp. Bad Sparkle.
Bad Sparkle: "I have killer eyes. And I WILL use them. I also fear scarves. And I'm going to be an attorney. I'm dominant. GET OUT OF MY WAY."
by Neralich the ANTI-HERO September 21, 2009

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