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One of the most comprehensive and complete gaming/hardware forums on the Internet located at neoseeker.com. Headed by Redemption, the main administrator, this site is constantly updated with hardware news and information, FAQs for popular games, screenshots, walkthroughts, tips, cheats and the like.
Man, I've just found a great deal on a new harddrive at Neoseeker!
by Neoseeker May 26, 2004
Member at Neoseeker.com that used to be a respectable, hard-working moderator but now acts like a jackass at every opportunity and makes a fool out of himself regularly.
Did you see that jackass Superfast Oz post in Loungin' again saying that Neoseeker was shit? What a loser!
by Neoseeker February 05, 2005
The lead super moderator at Neoseeker. He also visits e3 every year for the site and writes a detailed report providing information on the latest games.
I'm just off to read VeGiTAX2's latest e3 report.
by Neoseeker May 26, 2004
Moderator at Neoseeker who moderates the Grand Theft Auto Forums and was demoted from Loungin'.
ChiroVette is probably one of the most crazy guys on the site.
by Neoseeker February 05, 2005
Former moderator at Neoseeker. probably one of the worst Loungin' moderators on the site.
Arseball was a living joke!
by Neoseeker February 05, 2005
One of the main supermoderators at Neoseeker.
Looks like I'm going to have to contact Kuduros about the recent trouble occurring within the Halo forum!
by Neoseeker May 26, 2004
A supermoderator at Neoseeker.
Bloodsin usually watches over the Final Fantasy forums.
by Neoseeker May 26, 2004

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