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3 definitions by Neoprimal

Uptight in an utterly conceited sort of way.
Someone who 'acts' as if they are completely superior towards/around another person.
Someone who's of the perception that they are 'better' (physically and mentally) than another.
"Me and Jen went to Saks the other day, she's a completely different person over there, actin all sadiddy"
"Yo, if you wanna roll and chill tonight we can do it, but don't try to be actin' all sadiddy around my homies"
"I am not goin' to the club with HIM","Stop bein sadiddy and lez' go."
by Neoprimal October 18, 2005
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A word generally associated and used in gay society. It means an overwhelming feeling of self-conceit or cockiness.
Associated with many feelings, usually of being a bitch, cocky, conceited, arrogant, obnoxious and the list goes on.
I'm feeling cunty!
Ohh she is FIERCE!, cunty!
That bitch is being really cunty today...
by Neoprimal October 22, 2005
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see: Hillbilly

This is a customized version of the word Hillbilly, but used in reference to the people living/born in Kingston, Jamaica.

A Kingbilly is one who is so closed-minded, backward and antiquated in thought/ideas in general that they border on 'being dim'.

The word is generally used in insulting terms, as to refer to a person as unsophisticated and backwards, or to say you come from the 'ghetto/poor/country' areas.
"Jack is living in the 60s or something, he's such a damn kingbilly"
"How can a black person not like black people? What a fu%^ing kingbilly"
"Wow, Jen is definately nowhere near bright, she's a border kingbilly"
"You ARE NOT coming with me to ClubZ looking like a kingbilly"
"You live in Tivoli? You're practically a kingbilly"
by Neoprimal November 02, 2005
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