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A cyber disease in which a Wikipedia surfer tries to avoid Wikarpal Tunnel Syndrome by "ctrl-clicking" the blue reference links which appear as tabs within their browser, and inadvertently creates too many tabs. Symptoms include complete confusion and the reading of information with the mistaken understanding as to what topic the information pertains to.
I opened so many tabs the other day that I almost crashed my browser. I must suffer from a bad case of Wikipeditis.
by Neonym August 31, 2009
Is a cyber-medical condition in which a Wikipedia surfer follows too long a string of links when researching a topic, and is unable to return to the main topic of research. Symptoms include conceptual numbness and stream of thought weakness. Another name for the syndrome is 'Blunderline Disease'
I was researching the causes of the American Civil War but in trying to understand who Jefferson Davis was and what occurred in the presidential election of 1860 I suffered a bad case of Wikarpal Tunnel Syndrome and ended up at a page describing Neo-Latin, forgetting what exactly I was doing on the computer.
by Neonym August 31, 2009
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