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A language spoken by a certain group of people in a part of the UK.

The language combines phrases from French, English, Old English and ocasionally German, as well as crosses of languaes and "made up" words and noises.

It is called spacko presumably because the creators viewed it as a language that others may see as being spoken by people with low intelegence.

Many verbs
Dude #1: Dude, je suis bored
Dude #2: Howabout we do an Ein Circulette and listen to mine Muh Puh trois player?
Dude #1: FINE!
Dude #2: (Pathetic noise)
Dude #1: Lets play doo go to Bournemouth
Dude #2: Whyingest?
Dude #1: Parceque I feel like it
Dude #2: Noingest
Dude #1: FINE!
by Neon December 12, 2004
One of those words you use for no special reason, like narf. Quite common in some German IRC-chats.

See soundfile "chubb - german" for pronounciation.
"Hey, what's up?" "chubb."
by neon May 07, 2005
A random kid who enters stuff into dictionaries because he is borred. (Not deffinitions like "tadpole" and "z-fighting")
member of the Glove Shack
Neon: Dude!
Dude: Neon, I didn't see you there!
by Neon March 15, 2004

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