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A hugely popular virtual games site that is, I will admit, quite addicting.
It was created for bored college students but was converted to be kid-friendly when a bunch of under-20s started playing. Apparently there used to be theme parks with a bunch of random items and there was this transportation thingy that brought you to different places for items like totems. That was all scrapped, though, when I started playing.
The games aren't always updated but the old ones are still fun. Every June, there's an "Altador Cup" thing and we play games to earn points to win the Cup! You also earn neopoints from playing games.
Over-13s or kids with a consent form mailed/faxed to TNT (The Neopets Team) get to go to the Neoboards, a place where one board is singled out to be spammed and all the others are virtually spam-free. Battledome chatters are rich, Avatar chatters are mostly stuck-up and have "elite" friends.
All in all, Neopets is a fun game site where coding is easy to do and hopefully they change the new layout back to the old one ^^
user 1: do you play neopets?
user 2: no
user 1: omg! it's so fun. you should try it out.
*after user 2 plays neopets for a while*
user 2: omg! i love it!
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by Neolover June 04, 2007
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