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Drunkard's way of saying "Can you scratch my back?"
Hey, can you itch my back.
by Nena April 04, 2004
A penis. I Created this word, it is in the same family as weiner, however it is much more pleasing to the ear.
I touched his weincho.
by Nena January 04, 2005
An adjective used to define a very very hot guy. Not hot girl. Hot guy.
Man, that guy is detailed!
by Nena March 01, 2004
the bomb, it's really really goood
This pina colada is the Gizzit!!!
by nena October 08, 2003
no big deal, nothing of importance
She's getting all pissed off over apples!
by nena January 01, 2004
1) a girl with benefits, she gives it up
2) a female, friend or otherwise
- "that's my chula"
- "yo chula, que onda"
transl- hey girl, what you hear? (whats going on, gossip, etc)
by Nena December 08, 2003

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