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A Tribe Called Quest is an amazing Hip hop group, arguably the best. Anyone who disses them is one ignorant moron who obviously doesn't know anything about hip hop
-A Tribe Called Quest Is GAY!!!
- You are an ignorant idiot. Jump off a bridge, you won't be missed
by Nemirni Nasty August 12, 2006
The true musicians music. The best music there is and ever will be. Truly creative.
Too many fools are discrediting jazz, and half of them are probably illiterate, materialistic, lost, confused, severly depressed people. The other half are just plain idiots. People who do not see the beauty in jazz are uncivilized. Apparently many people think that there is no lyrical content which proves that their remarks are ignorant, and their pathetic attempt to disrespect a true art form has failed.
by Nemirni Nasty August 12, 2006

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