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3 definitions by Nema

"Get it lit" is often a term used by police officers when they are going to an immediate job where they require the use of blue lights & Sirens
1. Passenger. "You hear that job on the Radio? An Immediate."
2. Driver "Yo. Bitch, get it lit"
3. Right'Oh slag
by Nema May 16, 2007
If you give a girl (or a guy) an ass rimming, and you've opened their anal cavity so far, what you will have once you are done is a circle of shit around your face and chin. This is whats known as a shitache. (Like a mustache, but made from shit)
I gave this girl such an ass rimming, when I had finished, I had a shitache.
by Nema March 29, 2006
Someonewho can be eaily convinced to do something or give something up that is not really in their best interest.
"Dude, I spanged $74 off those suckers at the Flogging Molly show and didn't even go in. Let's go buy beer. I love suckers."
by Nema April 14, 2006