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A Group of Teenagers/Adults that are fans of the group(s) Astrid Haven and All is Vanity (AIV+). Some are a mixture of goth and kandi kids while others could be a mixture of emo and scene. It all depends on who you know. Almost all Sihk kids are <b>REQUIRED</b> to have a myspace account. There AIM accounts may have words or song names/lyrics in them. Also about 90% of Sihk kids have SiHK in there myspace display name.
There myspace usually has at least one banner leading to Astrid Haven or AIV+.
Typical dress includes: Tripp or Illig pants, many kandi braclets, Bright colored shirts referring to 80's shows such as Bel-Air or others.
Another extreme is Very tight pants and tight shirts. Looks can be decieving.
Sihk kids are known to have many strange slogans. No body knows all of them.
Although most Sihk kids are from North Carolina/South Carolina (mostly Charlotte area), there are a large amount of Sihk kids spread across the states and across the US. As far south as Japan (yes Japan) as for North as Canada and as South as the Caribbean.
1] Look at those sihk kids over there! Their so hot!
2] OMG! You look so Sihk tonight!
by Nekopan November 17, 2006
Salting a slice of bologna, hitting it against the car and pulling off the paint in complete circles.
Dudebro 1: Dude, look at your car!
Dudebro 2: wtf?!
Dudebro 1: You got carflogged, bro. You better take that shit in.
by Nekopan November 12, 2010
A synonym for coon tails, made popular by Kiki Kannibal
1] Girl I like your coonies!
2] Your coonies look like shit today.
by Nekopan July 02, 2008
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