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the rats nest in the back of a chics head that's created when having sex.
I came home in the morning and my roomates were like, "Damn, look at your fukdoo. He hit it hard, huh?"
by Nej February 11, 2004
a dumb ugly girl
look at that schwap ass biatch!
by nej February 16, 2004
a school bascilly made out of metal plates that shake. if you are a proffesional porno star, this is the school you want to graduate from. girls with weak emotions are warned not to come to this school. beware of a man named mr singhman and a lady with a mullet named sue. they will scare the living crap out of you, at least mullet-woman will. this school consists of only three types of people at this school(get used to them whether you like it or not): sluts, goths, gangstas(yes, gang"stas").

the end-- THE WASIAN.
person1: like holy hell, have yo been to fairfax high?
person2: whats fairfax high?
by nej February 04, 2005
My nickname
What are you guys doing tonight?...just hanging out with MILFy.
by Nej February 11, 2004
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