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Gary Cooper time is High Noon.
"Before Gary Cooper time, I had the phone numbers...."

_Spanking Watson_ by Kinky Friedman (1999), p. 171
by Neil Sapper June 05, 2008
(Noun) Someone who tells a joke that falls flat. (Source: Marilyn Vos Savant's column in PARADE Magazine, 09/21/08.)
John McCain is a fizzlewit. Did you ever hear him try to tell a joke?
by Neil Sapper September 22, 2008
Sneezer means jail cell in Kinky Friedman's _noir_ fiction.
"...Ratso was in the sneezer (jail cell)." - Kinky Friedman, _God Bless John Wayne_ (1995), p. 163
by Neil Sapper May 31, 2008
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