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A portmanteau or blend word derived from combining "banker" and "gangster." Usually referred to in the plural form "banksters" to refer to a predatory element within the financial services industry, such as those offering "too good to be true" adjustable mortgage rates for home buyers
"The banksters just foreclosed on my mom's Mcmansion, and now she's living in her SUV."
by Neil Ogism March 05, 2008

A portmantaeu or blend compound noun denoting general srudy of the brain and how it functions. The word is usually employed as an alternative to "rocket surgery."
"Opening blister packs of refrigerated lunch meat has always been brain science for the average Joe."
by Neil Ogism March 05, 2008

A single, microwaved hotdog (the "dog") served on a single slice of buttered toast (the "raft")

A "dog on a raft with a oar" is the above served with a deli-sliced pickle.
"Lorraine and I blew off Spago and shared a dog on a raft in the kitchen."
by Neil Ogism April 12, 2010

Slightly odd due to brain issues
Slightly weird
"That guy is definitely a "quarter shy (of a full roll)"
by Neil Ogism August 29, 2009
Adjective phrase:

A descriptor applied to a person who functions well but is "not quite right in the head," as indicated by small but noticeable eccentricites of behavior to which said person is oblivious.
"Sure, Jeff is great guy, but he leaves the impression that deep down dude's missing a flywheel."
by Neil Ogism April 16, 2010

A portmanteau word that makes contemporaneous the ancient Greek term "hoi polloi" by blending it with the word "prole" or lower-class working-class member of the prolotariet.
"The global elite maintains the illusion of national elections to keep the hoi prolloi controllable."
by Neil Ogism March 25, 2008
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