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A Laughing smile that's looking sideways, usually used at the end or start of a sentence that is either:

A) Hilarious
B) Retarded
C) Unrelated to any topic at hand.
Mist: Pedobear ~haermm~

Roland: WTF? ~haermm~

Strangelove: You're an idiot ~haermm~

Vinny: ~haermm~ I'm Canadian
by Neil Green October 23, 2007
Another Term for Masturbate (Or Masturbating), started on an internet forum in the thread "The Masturbation Log"

Also: Log, Logged, Logger
Kram3r: Barka! I'm trying to catch this fucking Teddirusa but my pokeball keeps fucking up!

Barker: Shut up, I'm logging. ~haermm~
by Neil Green October 23, 2007

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