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A not particularly fantastic yet exceedingly popular whiskey. I find that it's most drinkable induced straight in copious amounts, which will lead to an absolute cunt of a hangover often accompanied by partial memory loss; however, it appears to be most popular in Coca Cola or on the rocks. Take it how you like it - Jack Daniels is not a drink to be savoured, unlike a good single malt whisky like Laphroaig or a traditional Kentucky Bourbon like Van Winkle.

Jack Daniels is not a Bourbon but a "Tennessee sour-mash" because it employs the extra process of charcoal mellowing to add flavour, which some consider cheating the system. Incidentally, a bourbon can be made anywhere in the United States, not just Bourbon in Kentucky.

Jack Daniels is conspicuously advertised in film. Other notable examples of drinks that appear to be advertised in everything from the latest Hollywood drivel to your favourite American sitcom are Bombay Sapphire gin; Hennessy and Remy Martin Cognac; Grey Goose vodka; Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot Champagne.
1) I'm fucking depressed and I'm skint, so I'm going to drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and pass out on the floor.

2) I'm very suggestible and/or new to drinking, so "I'll have a JD and coke please barkeep".

3) Did you see 'Scent of a Woman'? What a load of shite. The entire plot revolved around Jack Daniels, or "John Daniels" as the protagonist affectionately called it.
by Neil Fox December 01, 2006
A person obsessed with saving the environment to the point of horribly obnoxious smugness.

Envirocunts will quite happily exaggerate or even downright lie about the damage caused to the environment by our modern lifestyles to make a point; will condescend you if you eat a burger from McDonalds; will preach about using energy saving lightbulbs - but conversely they're quite happy to print thousands of hackneyed leaflets that nobody ever reads, eat imported Vegan guff that won't grow in our cold climates to support their 'ethical diet' and spend hours online trying to convince people that they're right. Like most activists then, they're just sanctimonious hypocrites who want something to get indignant about. Absolute cunts.
I went past the university library today and some pinko envirocunt handed me a leaflet about saving energy, eating tofu and 'No war for oil', so I tore it up, put it in the bin and told them 'If you're really that bothered then fish it out and recycle it'.
by Neil Fox August 25, 2010
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