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Anything or anybody who is so xxxxing stupid as to pxxx off. A word that can be substitued for less politically correct words often found offensive by the fairer sex
You xxxxing numpty
by neil June 05, 2003
Another name for a woodlouse (UK)
There was lots of Slaters under the mat.
by Neil January 15, 2006
1) A word coined by one Kristy Monkhouse during a game of extreme snap in the Peter Symonds common room one lunchtime. Used as an expression of great amusement/excitement.

2) Word used when an awkward silence makes itself noticed thanks to there being nothing to say.
1) "Ace", "two", "three", "four...snap! Gazoo!!!"

Sam: "Laura, will you go out with me?"
Laura: "..."
Neil: *noticing eery silence* "...Gazoo!!!"
by Neil December 02, 2005
meaning "to take supper"
sup (short for, why don't you take supper?)
by Neil January 12, 2005
Butt smells.
My Boon Stinks!
by neil April 07, 2004
A shortened version of legitimate. Commonly used by wrestling fans who are "in the know" aka smarks. Made popular by Rob Feinstein, and copied by many. Its usage is considered 'dumb' by intelligent types.
Thats a legit shoot. I was legit marking out for that.
by neil June 27, 2004
Verb. A black man ("niggra" below Maryland) raping anything that moves...
"Oh shit, he Lexington Steeled her!!"
by neil March 04, 2005

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