78 definitions by Neil

to fargle somebody. to have intercourse. sexual pleasure.
hey baby, fancy a go fargle?? ;) ;) ;)
by Neil November 15, 2004
Meaning of, being done, and I am no longer needed, or no londer wanting to do an action.
Man, I'm spent yo! I'm tired of doing this work!... ... ...
by Neil May 04, 2004
way to confirm someones statement
that chicks tits are huge! "truth"
by Neil October 21, 2003
when one is inibriated to the point, that when there stumbeling through their front door their butt crack is hanging out.
matt was so chizafied that we finally found out where jimmy hoffa's body has been buried.
by Neil March 12, 2005
An Acception or Agreeance. synonymous with "yes"
guy: "Georgia stomped Florida's ass!"
other guy: "Hell's Yeaher!"
by neil November 20, 2004
A form of highly political and contreversial music started by DJ BingoPen and his bruva MC Bingomasheen
Naar check out dis junglebingo shizzle majhizzle
by Neil November 16, 2004
Men who wear moccasins for soccer practice.

One who takes the pussy way out of situations.

A gaming legend
OMG,what a panssy
by Neil March 22, 2004
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