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Jegg-hur. n.

One who imbibes alchohol in secret... often by 'disguising it' as a soft drink (i.e. swapping bottles), or hiding it in a brown paper bag.

Also vb. 'Cheg' - to drink alcohol covertly.
"Wow man! Look at that guy cheg! Cheggar! Cheggar! CHEGG-ARR!"

From National Lampoon's "Zany Jocks on Campus, Like AGAIN, dude".
by Neil Baxter October 14, 2005
1. Lancashire dialect used to wish someone farewell.
Abbreviated from "See thee" i.e. "See you (later)".

2. Lancashire term used to draw attention to something (compare with the Welsh "Look you".

"Sithi, ah'm bound for t' be goowin' in a bit. So I'll sithi in t' pub toneet!"

From "I bet the Yanks struggle with this one" by A. Northerner.
by Neil Baxter October 12, 2005

To sniff back a noseful of snot because either you haven't got a handkerchief or you're just too lazy to blow your nose.

This is the opposite of a "Pitmon's Hankie", whereby you press a thumb or finger against a nostril and blow forth snot through the other one onto the pavement.
"Stop snurching and blow your nose you derty get... I'm trying to eat me dinner here!"

From "Biggles Grebs Aloft" by Monty W. Bungingham
by Neil Baxter November 01, 2005
1. The sound heard when one walks into a metal pole.

2. The past term for 'thing', that being a thong which a thuperb thinger things thplendidly.

3. The sound of a REALLY well thrown dart hitting the bullseye.

"Thaaat's the boooolz-high!"
by Neil Baxter October 11, 2005
Supposedly newly-coined 'Northern' English Catchprase with little or no meaning that is copied and quoted ad nauseum throughout the U.K.

Taken from the character 'Paddy' in the excellent 'Phoenix Nights' and later from the unbelievably dire 'Max & Paddy's Road To Nowhere', this phrase replaced the often uttered "Booyakasha" comment known throughout our septic isle.
"Hey Paddy... I've got two fingers in me Twix... and as I'm quite full, I'll let you have one."

"Oh hey? What a guy! Paddy likes Twixes, Paddy does! You'll 'dink dank doo' for me, me auld flower!"

From: "The Script To Nowhere" (Channel 4)
by Neil Baxter September 23, 2005
Berr-uff (n.)

The low sonorous fart that starts off sounding like a burp but ends up 'fizzling out' at the end... can often be affected by following through and therefore should be attempted only when sat on the toilet.
Wooster laughed.

"You may think this bally foolish of me Jeeves, old sport, but yesterday I risked a brough over at the Twamley's residence... Bally lucky I hadn't eaten the pea soup, what?"

"Indeed sir" replied the snooty butler.

From "Sniff That Jeeves" by F.U. Shithouse.
by Neil Baxter October 08, 2005
Dimmocks: 'dim-mucks' n.

1. Slack-breasts usually sported by older women with ginger hair who want to be 'free and easy' i.e. they don't feel the need to wear a bra or a garment that will at least keep their 'chest mumps' above navel level.

2. People who quote 'Monty Python' sketches word for word... usually students who were born many years after the damned thing originally aired.

3. Plural term applied to anyone who watches 'Big Brother'.
"Good God woman... we don't want to see yer dimmocks - go and put a cardigan on or summat - yer making me granddad heave!"
by Neil Baxter September 23, 2005

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