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A euphemism for masturbation.
A phrase coined in the canteen of Bilborough College at some point in 2004AD
Person 1: What are you doing tonight?
Person 2: I think I might be spiteful to naomi
by Neg July 30, 2004
A accident or mistake that only Neg could cause.
Neg let Liz see his weblogs this was negs biggest negcident.
by Neg January 23, 2004
Something or someone that Neg finds to be delicious.
This cake is negelicious
by Neg January 23, 2004
Lord of all things north of America. His blood is actually wine; Lover of picking fights with celebrities. Quick to anger and a tenacious person in lacrosse. He has already hacked into your computer.
Why is there fighting in the world when you know there is a kid up in canada getting wasted off his ass 24/7
by neg October 27, 2003
I'm going to have a wank.
No the new term is 'being spiteful to naomi'
by Neg July 30, 2004

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