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A form of sports entertainment in which scrawny, muscular, and woman engage in high risk stunts. Wrestlers can compete wearing spandex, street clothes or lingere (only the women do that). It provides entertainment for somewhat blood-thirsty neanderthals and those who view all of the angles, heel and face turns from a psycological standpoint. It also provides entertainment for great fans of comedey when they pull stunts such as spraying a giant with "sewage" and putting various items into a wood chipper.
And besides all of you hormonal members of the male gender like to see the divas with the huge fake tits manhandle each other.
"Jaime baby, your log is not big enough to put in the wood chipper (Jaime then looks down at crotch and yells "it is big") but I can definantly put a certain fur coat in."

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