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Somnebody who follows the straight edge philosophy. That is, a person who respects their body
*by not consuming alocohol
*by not consuming other drugs
* by not having casual sex.

Some straight edgers are also vegan(or vegetarian) but this has nothing to do with being straight edge.

Some edgers (the abbreviation for straight edgers)have become sxe (the abbreviation for straight edge) because it is "cool" but most recognise it is a healthy, mature way of life.

Straight edgers, in my opinion (I'm edge), should not try and convert people or force them into becoming straight edge, because it is a life style choice.
Person: Hey, do you want a drink / some drugs?
True edger: No thankyou, I'm a straight edger.


Person: Hey, do you want a drink?
False trend-following edger: No, 'cause I'm like totally a straight edger and you suck because you drink. *gets out hand and shows large black cross* - for more info look up straight edge
by Neera April 18, 2006
a slang term for "a lot" or "lots of", often used in Nairobi, Kenya.
There were mob people here yesterday.
I have mob work to do today.
You're carrying mob money around.
I'm mob tired.
by Neera April 18, 2006

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