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2 definitions by Neenoh

In real trouble, or totally fucked, or totally screwed, or extremely tired, or in serious trouble, etc etc - in Spanish. This word is very common in Puerto Rico slang, has no real formal definition, and is considered slightly profane.
Mira, este tipo aqui ta muy jodio! (translates into "Look, this guy is really screwed!")
by Neenoh July 08, 2004
1. The name of the mushy and flavorful Puerto Rican side dish made from fried plantain bananas, olive oil, and garlic.

Is often served with pork mixed into it, but can be used with most any meat or additional vegetables added in. It is, however, normally served in its purest form, as described in def. 1.

2. an eclectic and strange avant garde music duo from Houston, TX. Mainly spelled MoFoNGo.
1. At this Puerto Rican restaurant, I ordered chuletas y mofongo, and it ruled.

2. Man, MoFoNGo's music is very strange, but for some reason I can get into it!
by Neenoh July 08, 2004