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Shortened way of saying "But you know what?" Said in a fast, Wisconsinese accent.
Jim: Yesterday I thought aboot all that cheese I ate a long time ago...

Bob: Yeah?

Jim: Buttchaknowhat? Explosive diarrhea ain't all it's cracked up to be.
by Neenja! October 10, 2009
A puny 2 mile long community in Mercer Pennsylvania based around a pond of stagnant water that for some reason, the inhabitants believe is okay to swim in, considering that the water grows a thick layer of stinking bacteria filled scum every year that slowly makes its way to the swimming area. The Lake is home to many old people, mostly retired, a few democrats and an absolute ASSLOAD of republicans. Most people are zombies, highly unfriendly, and white. The Lake has two big water towers which are the only eye-catching thing there and has Native American tribe names for street addresses. How cute.
Robert: I got a waterborne disease while swimming...

John: Did you swim at Lake Latonka?

Robert: Yeah, why?

John: Congratulations, you're going to die.
by Neenja! October 04, 2009

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