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One who munches and sucks on penises.
Also a commonly used insult.
"That whore is such a cockmuncher"

"I hate you...you're such a cockmuncher."
by Neel Vora January 10, 2006
To say bad things about yourself or make up things just to make others feel bad for you.
Mary: Joe, why don't you love me? Why dont you ever talk to me? I know you think i'm fat, but that doesn't mean you should ignore me!

Joe: First of all, I always talk to you. Second of all, if i didn't love you, i probably wouldnt be taking to time to explain this. Lastly, i think you are really beautiful.
by Neel Vora July 13, 2006
Someone that is stupid and ugly.
Friend 1: Man that dumbass girl in our class is ugly.
Friend 2: Damn...shes stupid...shes ugly...well shit shes Stugly.
by Neel Vora May 16, 2006
Another word for a nice ass.
"Wow that is a nice samosa. I want that."

"i was in the club gettin alot of samosa on the dance floor."

"My girlfriend has a nice samosa."
by Neel Vora January 10, 2006

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