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Proof that Mental Retardation and Eating Paint Chips as a child can no longer hinder members of society in their quest of nonpareil deterioration.
As well as proof that jealousy can still equip the morally inept affiliates of life with the necessary tools to create a movement no matter how redundant or unethical.

In layman's terms ,

J.H. Stands for and represents, The people who during their high school days made fun of or were involved with a group that made fun of juggalos/juggalettes and now years later in life no longer have their group yet still witness the same juggalos/lettes with their members from those days living and loving life all the same, and because of this has nothing but immense amounts of distain for the turn in there own lives and the fact of losing touch with their “Life long click”, Therefore feels the need to ruin(or at least attempt to) the lives and everyday fun of current and past Juggalos/Lettes, Yet 95% of the time fall short due do their own inadequacies and unorganized horridly fumbled “Gang Raids” which leads them back to their online forum “Land Of Banned” were they usually spend another 450 hours bitching and moaning about how much they hate Los and Lettes.


A person with no life and nothing better to do then attack ( both physically and mentally) those they are jealous of with in the Juggalo World wishing that they too could one day feel even a thimble of the love Juggalos and Juggalettes possess.
I hate juggalos because they kicked my ass and stole my girl, where can i feel accepted...
Land of the Banned seems cool.

Im gonna go and beat some for fun
...OH SHIT, i just got my ass kicked again, Oh well i can always go back to my pathetic little website and pretend like i just kicked some ass.
by NedenMuncher January 07, 2011

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