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We have this saying around these parts and we thought that it would be nice to share this with our funny word-loving friends. It's called "varking", and it's a verb.
To vark. First, a little history: there was a very famous dog around here a year or so ago that liked to sniff around alot, and when she did, she looked just like an aardvark. She would poke and sniff for hours in this aardvark position, and we started calling this action "aardvarking" and later shortened it to "varking". So if you ever find yourself walking around, looking at something here and some other thing there or not really anything much at all...well you can say that you are varking!
by Ned Sneed February 10, 2004
in junkie parlance; to puke.
I banged some skag but it was weak and I got cheated out of my gork.
by Ned Sneed February 10, 2004
To play unnecessarily complex guitar leads very fast. Guitar diahreah.
I went to an Yngwie Malmsteen concert and all I heard him do was wank.
by Ned Sneed February 11, 2004
A genetic cross between a poodle and a pig.
"Blatt your gimcrackee Piggle you dulsory hamshank!"

-Kareemed Khorn
by Ned Sneed February 10, 2004
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