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teener, (TEE ner) noun. a 1/16th of an ounce, generally methamphetamine.
syn. 'teenager' or 'teenth'
Sue: I'm so glad we came to O'ahu but I'm so totally shot after missing our connection.
Michael: Me too! I thought I'd shit myself when that dog sniffed my ass at LAX.
Sue. OMG! Is that how you schlepped that teener to O'ahu? In yer hidey-hole?
Michael: Yup. I hope it's enough for the next 4 days.
by Ned Ludd August 04, 2005
noun. (SHICK suh) Any not Jewish woman, usually a blonde courve that every lovely Jewish mother fears her son will marry.
Mordecai: Ma, This is Sue, the woman I told you about.
Ma: (To herself: Oy vey!) What a lovely creature! I didn't catch the last name dear...
Mordecai: (To himself: Oh fuck!)
Sue: "Smith" Mrs. Goldfarb.
Ma: Lovely name, what was it before dear?
Ma: (To herself: Jesus Christ, a fucking shikse! My son has brought home a courve, I hope the neighbors didn't see her.)
Sue: Before what Mrs. Goldfarb?
Mordecai: (To himself: Jesus Christ! How do I explain this one?)
Ma: You'll have to excuse me, I've got (the) shpilkus. Lovely to meet you Sue.
by Ned Ludd August 04, 2005
acks (axe) vt., (from Ebonics: akin to ASK) 1. to use in words in seeking the answer to (a question); to try to find out by inquiring 2. to put a question to a (a person); inquire of -ackst, -acksin
Sistuh Woman: Hey, sup Cressida? Did you acks Tyronne if he got us the shit?
Cressida: Fuck that crazy nigguh.

Sistuh Woman: I'm through wit his narrow yellow no count ass anyway.
Cressida: Shit bitch. I'll acks him then.

Cressida: (to Tyronne) Yo muthah fuckah, you got me my shit or what?
Tyronne: Oh bitch, please...
by Ned Ludd August 02, 2005
fuck-nose (FUK noze) noun. a goof, an idiot, a fool, a douche bag, a shlameil, a shmendrek, a yutz, a shmeggie. Generally used in a derogatory fashion behind one's back. Can also be used endearingly.
plural; fuck-noses, is seldom used.
Sue's friend: Hey, I heard that Sue failed a surprise urine test at the clinic last week. I even told the bitch not to get high! But she don't even care. Now she hasta...
Not Sue's friend: Damn! I'm sick of that dumb fuck-nose bitch. She'd fuck up a wet dream.

Maryanne: Hey there fuck-nose! Sup? I hurt dey busd yo ass at ta clinic lass week.
Sue: Hey, yeah, I got all fucked up and forgot to put the Elmer's Glue bottle with some clean urine in my hidey hole.
Maryanne: That's fucked up.
by Ned Ludd August 02, 2005
bag ho (noun) From the formal "Bag Whore," used to refer to anyone who exchanges sexual favors in the attempt to acquire your crystal methamphetamine, often a desparate act.
Dude, that lousy cocksucking gutter-butt smoked up all my muthafuckin' dope.
by Ned Ludd July 28, 2005
noun- refers to an empty 4oz bottle of Elmer's Glue that is filled with clean urine and placed in one's hidey-hole and used, often repeatedly, to receive a clean urine test at the clinic.
Clean junkie: Hey there fuck-nose. You look all fucked up and shit. How are you ever gonna pass a surprise piss test at the clinic?
Sue the Dirty Junkie: Hey. Know what? Maryanne's gonna give me some clean piss in an Elmer's Glue bottle. I'll put it in my hidey-hole. They'll never know! Fuck em!
by Ned Ludd August 02, 2005
hidey-hole (HI dee hole) noun. Refers to a womans's vagina when it is used to stow/stash contraband or other object for transport and concealment. esp. as in example below.
Sue, that dirty lying theiving fuck-nose shikse, puts an Elmer's Glue bottle full of 'clean' urine in her hidey-hole before her weekly drug testing at the methadone clinic.
by Ned Ludd July 29, 2005

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