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3 definitions by Necrotika

A loosely defined genre of metal, originally stemming from a comination gothic rock and other genres of metal (in many cases black). The majority of gothic metal bands have a heavy use on keyboards. Common lyical themes are sex, love, and self discovery.

Gothic metal also is not restricted to a single vocal style. Within gothic metal there arew 4 main vocal styles: Deep operatic male vocals, clean female vocals, harsh male vocals (usually a screech/shreik, Cradle of Filth stlye]), and "Beauty and the Beast" where harsh male vocals trade off with clean female vocals.

Some of the gothic metal pioneers were Type O Negative, Cradle of Filth, and Moonspell.
Cradle of Filth, Lacuna Coil, and Type O Negative are probably the most main-stream gothic metal bands in the U.S.A.
by Necrotika June 13, 2006
A gothic metal band that came from Italy. There earlier albums had quite a bit of black metalness in them, which completely died out on their Nightbreed of Macabira. After that album male vocalist Lord Vampyre was kicked out, and their back-up vocalist Scarlett became their lead vocalist. A lot of their songs sing about evil and/or Satan.

They were the first band to be given the called vampiric metal (which isnot a genre).
I love the song Tenebra Dentro off by Suicide Vampire, by Theatres des Vampires.
by Necrotika July 18, 2006
A terrible female hard rock band. They're music shows no talent, and there lyrics are just downright shitty. Essentially, an insult to females in the metal industry.
Mallcore kid: Kittie are so fucking metal!!!!!
True metal head: *smacks mallcore kid* Fucking poser, go listen to some Astarte (a good all female metal band)
by Necrotika July 18, 2006