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2 definitions by Necrohands

"Jewhand" is a term with two meanings;

1. A person who is tight fisted.
2. A person who is being a "Prick".
Example 1 (Tight fisted):

Friend A: "Hey, mate, couldn't lend us a fiver to buy a Porn mag could you?"

Friend B: "No, it's my fucking money"

Friend A: "Stop being a fucking Jewhand, man!"

Example 2 (Prick):

Mugger: "Gimme your fucking wallet"

Victim: "Fuck you, you Jew Hand"
by Necrohands March 22, 2009
Similar to a Dune Coon, or a Sand Nigger.

This is a derogatory term.
Desert Wog is used to describe people from the middle east or with a brownish tan, for example;

Person A - "Oi, look at that Desert Wog over there"

Person B - "Holy Shizzle, He's a full on Dune Coon"

Person A - "I Bet he worships Paedobear"
by necrohands March 21, 2009