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simply put... a toilet... or urinal. because you tinkle in it, and it's a machine... get it people...
Alright I got 6 beers down... it's about time I hit the tinkle machine
#toilet #urinal #pisser #shitter #john
by Necro260 April 29, 2007
A horrible, HORRIBLE movie, that uses every go damn language except English (including sign language) unneccessariy, and appears to have no point other than little middle eastern kids masturbationg on cliff sides and shooting busses. It is the worst movie I have seen in quite a while, in fact I still have a strange urge to hang myself in my backyard it was so horrible. Unless you feel like reading subtitles to a crappy movie for 2 hours, avoid this movie at all costs.
Me: Wow, I can't believe I just sat through that crappy ass babel movie. *As I tie a noose to end my suffering*
#dsa #fads #fdsa #gfrt #gfea
by Necro260 April 26, 2007
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