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2 definitions by Ncity Lip Packer

1.) a jew that dips
commonaly known as the lip packin jew extrodinair

2.)jew dipper is one who conviently never has a tin when u need a lip and asks for a lip out of ur own tin when u have one.

1.) Hamsneazy is the biggest dip jew ever . always asking for a lip out some one elses tin .

2.) Dude A asks Dude B for a Lip and Dude B responds "stop being a dip jew hamsneazy"
by Ncity Lip Packer March 16, 2008
Bring Your Own Tin .. for those dip jews out there
1.) If you pull out a half tin of dip and ur bud asks for a pinch tell him na byot son

2.) Hammeazy is famous for jewing on kids who lend him dip . when he has some and u dont and u ask for some he respnds byot jew
by Ncity Lip Packer March 16, 2008