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6 definitions by Nazz

A phrase pretty much used to tell someone not to go there.
"Don't do it," Sally said to the girl before she could get a word in edgewise.
by Nazz January 23, 2006
30 6
Do I even need to provide a definition? If you watch NCAA basketball, then you should know what's up.
Tyler Hansbrough will be the ACC Rookie of the Year.
by Nazz March 07, 2006
147 135
phrase, similar to the ones tagged to it, that's used to tell someone "don't go there" or that they're "playin themselves"
(Person #1): "You like that ugly dude over there?"
(Person #2): "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not too much!"
by Nazz February 04, 2006
5 2
Adjective: used to describe something extremely ugly.
"Damn, that bitch is beat back!"
by Nazz January 23, 2006
3 2
verb: the act of talking on the phone with a significant other or flirting with him/her.
"Y'all need to quit lovin' so we can go to this club tonight."
by Nazz January 23, 2006
21 33
The school whose basketball team lost to UNC (ahem, the greatest college in the nation) on March 4, 2006, AT home DURING Senior Night.
"Did you watch Duke get schooled by the UNC freshmen the other night?"

"Yeah, man. I thought I saw a tear in his eye."
by Nazz March 07, 2006
69 111